Who we are

Potomac Valley Brick is a full-service, family-owned masonry supplier that offers contractors, developers, architects, builders and residential customers the widest selection of quality brick products in the region. Since 1976, our committed team has provided customers independent expertise in the product selection, design and application of the industry’s finest and most prestigious brick lines.

History and Core Values


Potomac Valley Brick was founded in 1976 by Jack Richardson, Ron Hurley, Bud Keesling and Jack’s son, Alan Richardson. Today, Alan remains President and continues to further the company’s goal of being an indispensable supplier to both customers and partners.

At Potomac Valley Brick, everyone is considered part of our extended family. Alan’s wife, Kathleen, is Director of Human Resources. His brother David and sons Mark and Brad hold key positions within the company as well. We run our business on the core family values of kindness, respect, honesty, responsibility and integrity. We make ethical decisions that are always in the best interest of our employees, vendors and customers.

What We Do

With seven convenient locations throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia, our knowledgeable and friendly team members serve as your trusted partners for expert consultation and assistance.

Potomac Valley Brick stocks millions of masonry products in different types and sizes including:

Logistical Expertise

We know that getting your materials on time is just as important as the selection process itself. Our logistics team aligns your needs with facility shipments from our yard locations to make sure that you get the right material on time.

Product Samples

Since size, color and texture are so important in the selection of brick and other materials, we supply you with sample pieces, boards and displays of many of our products. For the architect or builder, mock up field panels are available to help you visualize how specific products will look on your project.

Specialized Cutting Services

Do you need a unique shape or size for your product? We maintain a staff of expert masons that will consult with you in these special situations. As master craftsmen, our team also offers advice on design and constructability issues. If we are unable to cut the materials in-house, we will work closely with the manufacturer to special order the exact shape and size you need for your project.


PeeVee the Frog, Official Mascot

PeeVee the Frog is Potomac Valley Brick’s Official Mascot. Holding the company's most prestigious position, PeeVee brings extensive experience and expertise to the masonry process. A real people amphibian, he’s always willing to lend a helping webbed foot to everyone he encounters (though he can be difficult to catch at times).

So, how did PeeVee get his start in the world of masonry? From what he's told us (and what we can understand), it actually began during the manufacturing process. Many bricks have indentations on one or two surfaces called “frogs.” There are several theories out there as to why they’re called that—from their

resemblance to a crouching frog to a derivative of the Dutch word for frog ("kikker”). Traditional brickmaking consisted of a wooden box with a "kicker" in the middle that was used to force the clay outwards to fill the mold box.

Frogs also allow the producer to reduce the amount of clay used in the manufacturing process. When filled with mortar during construction, they provide better adhesion between courses by creating a shear key.

PeeVee isn’t the most tech savvy so if you’d like to reach him, please contact Potomac Valley Brick directly and we’d be happy to help you.

BrickStainable Competition

Our BrickStainable Competition is a trendsetting competition that raises the bar for integrative design in all areas of brick construction. It promotes standards and practices that encourage the use of sustainable, energy efficient materials and brings together innovative thinkers from across the globe.

Developed and sponsored by Potomac Valley Brick, the winners of the BrickStainable International Design Competition are required to use brick construction in an energy efficient building. Design teams are challenged to make best use of the physical characteristics of brick by creating integrated design solutions that maximize its thermal mass, porosity (or lack thereof), modularity, color, etc. Competition winners must create sustainable architectural designs using brick as their primary material.

The BrickStainable Awards Ceremony has been held at the National Building Museum—which, fittingly, is constructed with more than 15 million bricks. The ceremony has attracted 200+ guests including representatives from the EPA Energy Star Program, Integrated Environmental Solutions, Enterprise Green Communities and the Brick Industry Association.

Our Locations

Corporate Headquarters
15810 Indianola Drive
Suite 100
Rockville, MD 20855
Voice: 301-309-9600
Fax: 301-309-0929
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9009 Yellow Brick Road
Baltimore, MD 21237
Voice: 410-682-6700
Fax: 410-687-7916
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8885 Mistletoe Drive
Easton, MD 21601
Voice: 410-820-0101
Fax: 410-820-8999
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18849 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Voice: 240-499-2666
Fax: 301-527-9067
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303 Bowl Drive
Salisbury, MD 21801
Voice: 410-749-6611
Fax: 410-749-3866
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5219 Urbana Pike
Frederick, MD 21704
Voice: 240-257-8015
Fax: 301-662-8304
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Northern Virginia
8306 Cinderbed Road
Newington, VA 22079
Voice: 703-550-9013
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