MULE: Keeping the Job Moving While Keeping Employees Safe

By Chad Unitas, Sales Representative, PVB Masonry Services

When working on a construction site, social distancing may seem nearly impossible. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are worried about their jobs but also equally concerned about the risks they face by going to work. Masons and other construction professionals rely heavily on teamwork and are often required to be in close contact with coworkers and other contractors on a daily basis. This not only makes social distancing a challenge, it also makes it hard for contractors to find masons willing to do the job during this time of crisis. So, what can contractors do to keep their projects moving while also ensuring employees stay safe?

One way to help workers keep their distance is by using employee-operated robotics and machinery on the job. Material Unit Lift Enhancer (MULE) is a lift assist device that connects human workers with a machine to help maximize productivity and minimize the risk of physical injury. While the benefits of using MULE are ongoing, the machine provides a unique opportunity for masonry contractors during the pandemic by allowing workers to stay 6 feet away from each while laying block or other materials.

MULE has a 20-foot reach, extending 10 feet to the left and 10 feet to the right, and can be operated entirely by a single individual. The operator can easily put down the amount of mud needed and use MULE to pick up and set down the block, never needing another person to assist. MULE can be operated from the ground, below grade or on a mast climbing platform. Controlling MULE is easy and intuitive, allowing workers to learn how to operate the machine quickly with minimal training, which is especially important given the social distancing rules in place. Contractors can have multiple MULE’s operating simultaneously on a single job site helping to keep projects on schedule while also keeping workers safe.

Designed and engineered by Construction Robotics, MULE is available for rent, lease or purchase through PVB Masonry Services. If you’re interested in seeing MULE and exploring the machine for your current or upcoming project, please contact us today to setup a time to speak.

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