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Building with brick is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Beautiful and classically modern, brick has been used as a building material around the world for millennia. It’s natural energy efficiency and flexible color options make it a durable and cost-effective choice for commercial, institutional and residential needs. Brick is low maintenance and increases the thermal mass of a structure, helping customers stay comfortable during hot summers and cold winters. It’s also the most durable man-made structural building material available.

Potomac Valley Brick provides our customers with the region’s widest selection of commercial and residential brick in a wide variety of colors, sizes and textures.

Brick Manufacturers:


Concrete block has been a popular building material for more than a century. It’s practical, strong and available in many different colors, sizes and textures. This fire-resistant material stands up well to high temperatures and can provide insulation from cold and heat, helping to reduce energy consumption and improving a structure’s safety and sustainability.

Conveniently available in-stock in the standard gray, Potomac Valley Brick offers a large variety of decorative concrete block options as well.

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Cement & Mortar

Cement and mortar are what brings a masonry job together. Both integral parts of any project, cement is mixed with lime and sand to make mortar, which acts as a binder for different products such as brick, stone, pavers, block and concrete.

Potomac Valley Brick can provide mortar in many different colors, allowing you to achieve the perfect appearance for your job.

Cement & Mortar Manufacturers:


Stone is multipurpose. It can be used to build an entire structure or to create unique features such as arches, columns, fireplaces, etc. As one of the oldest and most popular materials, stone gives a classic, dignified and versatile look to any commercial, institutional or residential construction project. It makes a bold statement but also easily complements other building materials, such as brick.

Potomac Valley Brick offers a large variety of stone in different colors, shapes and surfaces.

Stone Manufacturers:

Ceramics & Tile

Ceramics and tile offer functional beauty and durability to a wide array of projects. Used most often in flooring, ceramics and tile, these materials can also be used to create exceptional looking backsplashes, walls, showers, tabletops and more. These materials are environmentally friendly and can help reduce energy consumption in the winter and summer months. In addition, ceramics and tile are very low maintenance materials that are cost-effective and easy to fix.

Potomac Valley Brick offers ceramics and tile in a vast amount of colors, shapes, styles and sizes, giving you nearly endless design possibilities.

Ceramic & Tile Manufacturers:

Pavers & Hardscapes

Pavers add timeless curb appeal and style to walkways, driveways, patios, courtyards and other outdoor spaces. Available in clay brick and concrete, pavers are highly durable and offer beautiful, lasting color that’s not affected by the sun. They are easy to repair and maintain, making them a cost-effective choice for many commercial and residential projects. If a portion of the surface becomes damaged, you can remove and replace the damaged section easily and affordably.

Hardscapes provide a wide variety of options for both small and large projects. By adding these man-made elements to outdoor spaces, you can enhance the look and accessibility of landscaped areas. Hardscapes are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They often serve a purpose within a landscaped area—such as providing shade, seating, privacy, etc.—but can also be used exclusively as decorative features.

Potomac Valley Brick offers a diverse selection of pavers and hardscapes in virtually every size, shape and color to help you create attractive indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Pavers & Hardscapes Manufacturers:

Masonry Supplies & Accessories

Just as important as the masonry products themselves, supplies and accessories round out the whole project. Conveniently available year-round, Potomac Valley Brick offers customers a growing selection of supplies and accessories for any commercial, institutional and residential masonry projects.

Masonry Supplies & Accessories Manufacturers:

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