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By Jeff Bauer, Architectural & Residential Sales, Eastern Shore, Potomac Valley Brick

Glazed brick can be used in a variety of ways, from decorative accents to full interior and exterior walls. With a ceramic glaze applied to its exterior surface, this brick has a shiny, glossy finish that’s impervious to both liquids and gases. Architects and designers like glazed brick because it comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and features, allowing professionals to create modern and unique designs. With its durability, versatility and fully customizable color palette, glazed brick can give structures a truly distinctive look that endures.

Glazed brick is a durable, permanent, non-fading product that’s virtually maintenance-free. The glazed surface has incredible longevity and won’t peel, flake or fade over time so it can maintain its aesthetic appeal for the long haul. Its impervious face has a high tolerance for abuse such as impact, scratching and abrasion and is also graffiti resistant, making it a great choice for playgrounds, parks, recreation centers and schools. Glazed brick can be easily cleaned with water, a brush and detergent. Aside from its versatility, it can also withstand nearly any weather condition, from very cold temperatures to extreme heat. Glazed brick is also fire resistant and doesn’t burn, making it a safe choice for any structure.

Glazed brick creates an eye-catching aesthetic that helps a structure stand out. The vibrant color options give architects and designers the ability to incorporate specific colors into interior and exterior walls such as company brand colors or school colors. This is one reason glazed brick is very popular in schools and playgrounds—the vivid colors help jazz up the building and make it appear more exciting and appealing to children. Bricks can also be arranged to create unique designs and patterns that give buildings memorable and distinctive features. Take a look at some of the examples below:

Laurel Middle & High Schools and Laurel Elementary School / Laurel, DE

Steven Decatur Middle School / Berlin, MD

Delaware State Police Troop 7 / Lewes, DE

If you’re looking to create a lustrous, bold aesthetic, consider glazed brick for your next project. At Potomac Valley Brick, we supply structural glazed brick from Elgin Butler and The Belden Brick Company in a wide array of shapes and full palette of color choices. To learn more about our glazed brick options, contact us today to discuss your project.

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