Trending Now: Linear Brick

By Craig Linehan, Architectural Sales Representative, Potomac Valley Brick

Linear brick has been popular throughout Europe for quite some time. Now this skinny, elongated brick is gaining popularity throughout the United States. Brick has been used in building construction for centuries, but the use of linear brick is a relatively recent trend, helping architects create a more contemporary, sleek design with unique dimensions and distinctive features.

The Architectural Linear Series Brick by Arriscraft is a popular linear brick line supplied by Potomac Valley Brick. This series offers an elongated brick that rivals the premium, long brick offered by European companies. These units are made with manufactured sandstone and have a sleek, tight tolerance which helps give projects a polished, modern look. They’re also available in a wide color range. Sand pigments can be blended to create beautiful units with multiple colors creating a color striation that is prevalent and color fast. The Linear Series is the only manufactured sandstone unit made here in the U.S., helping builders and architects create timeless masterpieces while also keeping costs down.

Designers can use Arriscraft’s linear brick with variations that showcase striations of color and help give buildings a truly modern appeal. The linear brick is colorfast with color deposited throughout the unit so it can easily withstand the natural elements without fading. Below is an example of linear brick in use. For this project, Potomac Valley Brick supplied a beautiful smoky, rusticated smooth linear brick from Arriscraft for The Georgetown Day School Lower/Middle School. The thin, linear style of this brick created a distinctive look for this institution, unlike anything seen in the DC market.

In addition to curb appeal, Arriscraft’s linear brick is also highly sustainable. While not made from traditional clay, it’s still durable and offers the same long-lasting quality. Broken units can be salvaged by cleaning them up and reusing them. For a builder or architect, this makes the estimating and budgeting process simpler since you don’t need to account for as much breakage. From the mason perspective, masons can lay more square footage using linear brick. And with minimal waste, masons can achieve better production in the field. In addition to less breakage, manufacturers also have more control over the color of sandstone linear brick. This helps to lessen run-to-run variation and gives builders and architects the ability to order additional brick for a particular project with less chance of color discrepancies.

While Arriscraft’s Architectural Linear Series Brick is a very popular linear brick line, there are other options from clay brick and concrete block manufacturers.

Linear brick helps you create a rugged yet contemporary look. The material is versatile, modern and can give a distinctive look to your building’s façade. To learn more about Potomac Valley Brick’s linear brick options, contact us today to discuss your project.

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